Wavebid Clerking Tools

Clerking Screen

The Wavebid clerking screen is user-friendly and flexible. Auto-advance with your catalog or create new lots on the fly. Hot-keys allow you navigate quickly, increasing efficiency. This easy-to-use program anticipates the nuances of a live sale.

Real-Time Updates

As the clerk enters sales information invoices are automatically generated. No need to wait until the sale is over or enter information more than once. If a bidder wins an item and wants to go home, their invoice will be waiting for them at the checkout station.

Multiple Rings

Being that Wavebid is cloud-based software, this means you can have as many users dong different tasks in the same auction at the same time. Have two, three, four or more clerks handling different rings simultaneously.

Drivers License Scanning

Checking bidders in is a seamless process with ID scanners. Get all the information you need in one swipe and get your buyers on their way. Keep your bidders and your employees happy.


AuctionTube is an automated lot display screen. Have it projected on a screen, playing on multiple monitors on your site, or on the mobile devices in the hands of your audience. The display screen will follow the clerking actions get your bidders engaged.

Auctioneer's Screen

Like AuctionTube, this is an automated tool which follows the clerking actions. It can be held in the hands of your bid caller, displaying lot details, absentee bids, photographs and more.