Wavebid Marketing Tools

Marketing Integration

  • Auction Listing

    All you have to do is schedule a task in our system and we will format and post your auction information to a variety of listing sites, like NAA (National Auctioneers Association),

  • Facebook

    By linking with your Facebook account you can post on your wall or create an event to help boost awareness and generate excitement.

  • Twitter

    Use twitter to announce your upcoming events. Schedule a series of tweets with information about your auction.

Content Tools

  • Email Templates

    Get your lots in the order you want them in. The re-sequencing of lots is as easy as drag and drop.

  • Electronic Poster

    Easily build an electronic poster that can be posted directly into auction listing sites like AuctionZip

  • Buyer's Guide

    Automatically generate a concise but informative buyer's guide with the content your buyers need.

Engagement Tools

  • Branded Web Pages

    Wavebid automatically builds auction catalog pages and individual lot content pages that you can set to public or private viewing.

  • Auction Widget

    Build your own customized calendar of auctions. Copy and paste this into your website and have a calendar listing of your auctions including all catalog content automatically generated. You'll never have to edit your site again.

  • Marketing Calendar

    Schedule marketing tasks and events for your auction in an easy to read calendar so you don't fall behind and miss an opportunity.